Apex Optimisation delivered the popular PPCT and AM/HMI Courses in Brisbane again last week.

The Practical Process Control Techniques Course covered the fundamentals of regulatory control in modern industrial plants, as well as techniques for managing a number of vulnerabilities which often degrade performance.  There was a broad cross section of attendees from engineering firms and operating companies.  Students particularly enjoyed using the practical simulation package, and learning about solutions to some complex control problems.

The Alarm Management and High Performance HMI Course also attracted a large audience from a number of sites across Australia.  This course covers a step by step methodology for addressing a poorly performing alarm system.  The High Performance HMI course looks at recent techniques for providing operators highly functional and effective process information, allowing them to manage their plant in a more predictive fashion as opposed to continually responding to situations as they arise.

These courses will be scheduled to run again in late 2012, you can register your interest by using the contact us form.