Greenfern Dynamics is an award winning Advanced Process Control and Optimisation Engineering Consultancy.

We offer a group of talented, dedicated and experienced Advanced Process Control engineers located across Australia (in 4 major cities).  We provide a niche engineering service and global experience to client sites across the Oceania region and beyond.

We are acutely aware that we have no tenure (with our work being discretionary for clients) so we constantly strive to deliver high quality applications that deliver sustained return on investment through improved operability and robust optimisation.

Our team is passionate about the benefits that can be delivered with well designed and implemented Process Control and Optimisation solutions and we enjoy helping clients achieve their objectives.

Consultant Engineers
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We create process control solutions to sustain optimal operations

What’s with the name – Greenfern Dynamics?

  • Improving process efficiency is at the heart of what we do – this provides greater sustainability for the processing industries
  • We are an Australian company that is proud of our local customer track record – our Green and Gold heritage
  • The fern leaf represents our commitment to seek growth for our customers and accelerate their efforts to evolve
  • Our logo symbolises our clients operating plant that is subjected to changing process context and market conditions with an objective to adapt and grow to full potential
  • We think outside of the box and bring our innovation to deliver those extra project benefits
  • The tapering of the fern fronds is symbolic of the reduction in process variation we deliver; reaching towards a more economic and robust operating point
  • The Dynamic nature of industrial processes makes optimisation challenging and this is the primary motivator for our project developments
  • A thorough understanding of Dynamics allows us to see opportunities and develop solutions that can’t be visualised by a steady state eye
  • Dynamics challenge process control engineers on a daily basis – mastery of Dynamics is our art

We’ve had fewer names than you’ve had hot dinners …