Greenfern Dynamics specialises in the all phases of Advanced Control application development:

MPC Project Design and Implementation

Greenfern employs multivariable predictive control (MPC) technologies coupled with traditional techniques to deliver appropriate and maintainable process control solutions that yield sustained benefits. Projects are structured to maximise technology transfer to customer team members. For customers with a strong in-house capability,  we provide skilled resource to augment the project team at any point in the MPC project cycle.

Our engineers are expert users of the leading MPC technologies and are trained to provide services for the following MPC products:

  • DMC3™ and DMCplus™ from AspenTech
  • MAX APC from Cutler Technology Corporation
  • PredictPro™ from Emerson Process Management
  • Profit Controller™ (RMPCT) from Honeywell
  • PACE™ from Shell / Yokogawa

The Greenfern design approach maximises customer value by ensuring that regulatory control design review is included in the MPC project. This approach accelerates the flow of benefits to the customer and improves the performance of the final application.

Product Quality Prediction Development

Greenfern develops reliable product quality predictions based on engineering principles. These on-line predictions can substantially improve the performance of MPC applications and often negate the need for expensive on-line analysers.

Our engineers are experts in Data Analytics tools (e.g. Python) and can exploit data handling skills to extract useful information from process performance history.