Greenfern Dynamics specialises in all aspects of regulatory control design and maintenance:

Development of Traditional Advanced Regulatory Control

Greenfern has extensive experience in the implementation of appropriate traditional advanced control schemes to improve process performance with minimal investment. These techniques can leverage the functionality available in the DCS to provide maximum value without introduction of new technologies.

Expert Design Input to Major Projects

Assistance with front end design of regulatory control for green field (and significant brown field) developments has helped customers augment the design expertise of their EPC engineers. The inclusion of design expertise gained through practical application of appropriate techniques on operating plants ensures that commissioning goes smoothly and performance is maximised well into the future.

Commissioning support during startup of new plant or major projects has helped clients ensure that unforeseen hurdles are quickly overcome and controller tuning is optimised early.

Optimisation of Basic Regulatory Control

Greenfern can also help with the evaluation of regulatory control performance, controller tuning and loop design on operating plants. This is often a very cost effective (yet forgotten) opportunity to improve process profitability with minimal cost.